Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kindergarten talks Kandinsky

This week the kindergarteners continued their shapes unit (which also happens to be an abstract art unit) by learning about Kandinsky and his concentric circles.  I thought this would be a good follow up to Mondrian.  Last year I had the students fold their paper into so they had 4 squares and draw concentric circles with oil pastel and black watercolor resist on top...blah blah blah.  I wanted to make it simpler this year no watercolors running low on black and I wanted some variety.  So I just had them draw the circles on black paper.  It was a guided drawing lesson since it is the beginning of the year and we have to hone in on our listening and following directions routines, but when they drew the circles I told them they could pick the area on the paper to draw them, overlapping was ok (of course you must demonstrate what overlapping is) and they could make an artistic decision of how thick and large the circles could be.  I thought I got some cute results and best part it was a one day trying to read kindergarten names to hand papers back the next week!

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